Yasmin Side Effects

When a person decides to use a medication, it is with the understanding that it will be safe for their consumption. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Yasmin, the brand name for an oral contraceptive known as drospirenone, has in recent years been shown to pose serious health risks to those who use it. The effects that this can have on an individuals life are often devastating.

Yasmin users who experience adverse side effects as a result of their medication may experience serious consequences in their lives, ranging from costly medical care to reduced future earnings potential as a result of the conditions which they may develop. No one should have to carry the terrible burden of these consequences on their own as a result of a drug manufacturers own mistakes.

Common Yasmin Side Effects

There are a considerable number of different side effects which Yasmin users may experience, ranging from relatively mild to potentially life threatening. Some of the most common of these side effects include the following:

  • * Blood clots
  • * Heart attacks
  • * Tumors of the liver
  • * Strokes
  • * Deep vein thrombosis
  • * Brain hemorrhage
  • * Pulmonary embolism

All of these potential side effects can carry extremely serious consequences for the lives of those who may develop them. Aside from the physical trauma that they may have to contend with, the costs of medical treatment and possible lifestyle changes which may be necessary can be considerable. Fortunately, those who have developed a medical condition or experienced serious complications as a result of using Yasmin may be entitled to seek compensation for their damages through a Yasmin lawsuit. Contact a knowledgeable attorney today to discuss your case in detail and learn more about what your rights and options under the law may be.