The Necessity Of Road Signs And Road Paint

Government transportation agencies have an essential duty to motorists and pedestrians alike in providing adequate road directions to promote safe driving. Like maps used in aviation (to learn more, click here), road signs help drivers navigate the roadways to their destination. By installing the right signs or using clearly painted directions on the road, these government agencies can reduce confusion or misunderstandings on the road. As a result, they may be able to save motorists and pedestrians from collisions caused by otherwise preventable problems.

Directing Traffic on the Highways

Road signs are incredibly important on America’s highways and freeways. Given their speed limits, these roads don’t usually offer drivers enough time to react quickly to a potential problem. Instead, government agencies need to direct on-coming motorists through yield signs or warnings about merging lanes ahead. Similarly, warnings about construction or lane closures should be clearly posted far before these obstructions are present.

Road Signs at Busy Intersections

Few places illustrate the necessity of a well-placed road sign like a busy intersection. By using stop signs or stop lights intelligently, a government agency can direct traffic and keep extremely dangerous accidents from occurring. Although these accidents may not always happen at high speeds, even a collision at moderate speed can cause serious injuries such as broken bones and whiplash.

Using Road Paint Correctly

In addition to providing road signs where needed, it’s the government’s responsibility to keep up with the paint on the road. This means clearly marking out lanes, showing when lanes are closing through both signs and paint, and providing any crucial information on the road paint itself. By using both a sign and road paint to show major changes occurring ahead, government agencies can work to drastically reduce the number of accidents that happen on the roads.

Compensation Claims for Injured Motorists

If you’ve sustained an injury on the road because of a lack of adequate road signs or road paint, there may be grounds for a compensation lawsuit for the cost of your injuries. For more information about your rights and options after a collision caused by the government’s mistakes, contact a car accident lawyer.