Plumbing And Extreme Weather

Inclement weather conditions can take a toll on a variety of things, including the plumbing at your home. Without proper precautions against extreme weather conditions, a homeowner might find himself or herself with a serious plumbing problem if poor weather suddenly occurs. Depending on the type of weather your home is facing, pipes might burst, freeze, or even begin leaking, all of which can cause terrible water damage.

Water damage can cause a huge number of problems for a homeowner, including mold growth and bacteria development. Even if these problems do not arise, however, water damage can be expensive to repair. Sometimes entire parts of houses have to be replaced if water damage is serious enough. Much of this problem could have been fixed through properly winterizing a home in preparation of severe weather. Proper winterization of your plumbing system can be an essential step toward preventing water damage to your home in extreme weather conditions. However, many homeowners don’t know how to properly winterize their pipes.

Steps toward Winterization

Proper winterization can usually only be completed by a professional, but homeowners should still educate themselves about the winterization process. Winterizing your plumbing often involves:

  • Rerunning pipe lines
  • Insulating outdoor pipes
  • Adjusting water pressure
  • Insulating pipes within the home

This process is, naturally, not something that everyone is familiar with, but winterization is still important, particularly if you live in an area that sees some hard freezes or other extreme forms of weather every year.

With the right help, you can properly winterize your pipes and be ready for any kind of extreme weather conditions. If you or someone you know needs help winterizing his or her plumbing system, contact an experienced plumbing expert today to discuss your home’s needs.

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  1. Dan Rottier
    Mar 4, 2014

    Living in Wisconsin we deal with this a lot.

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