Medical Misdiagnosis

When an individual is injured or ill, they visit the hospital with the belief that the medical professionals there will treat them as safely and quickly as is possible. However, the first step of any treatment is an accurate diagnosis of the illness or injury. Unfortunately, physicians do not always provide the responsible care that they are obligated to give and instead make an incorrect diagnosis. Such an error is deceptively dangerous as every course of treatment that is scheduled will be attempting to treat the wrong condition, which could cause the patient severe harm. Additionally, the real injury or illness may go untreated, leaving the patient to struggle with mounting medical expenses and severely compromised health.

Common Causes of Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnoses are some of the most frequent forms of medical malpractice and are often caused by carelessness or negligence on the part of medical professionals. Although no doctor can be expected to have perfect knowledge of every condition, it does not excuse them from doing everything in their power to ensure that their patient receives a successful treatment. Following are several reasons that a doctor may negligently misdiagnose a patient:

Failure to schedule necessary tests
Incorrectly interpreting test results
Unfamiliarity with the patients case
Failure to identify symptoms

Some misdiagnoses may be relatively harmless and can be easily corrected. However, some may lead to unnecessary surgeries and other potentially harmful treatments that could cause a patient significant physical and emotional trauma.

Legal Options

If you have suffered any harm as a result of a doctors misdiagnosis, you may want to consider taking legal action against him or her. Contacting a Green Bay personal injury lawyer may be in your best interest, as they can help you determine what your best options are for possibly holding the negligent physician liable for your medical expenses, physical trauma, and other losses.