Yasmin Precautions

Yasmin is one of most popular and widely known birth-control pills used by most women in the United States. It is made up of a combination of progestin and estrogen, used to inhibit the ovulation as well as to alter the mucus of the cervix to prevent sperm from reaching the egg. The combination of progestin and estrogen present in Yasmin also makes it a good option for treatment of moderate acne problems, specifically for women over the age of 16 years that have already started their menstruation.

Although its effectiveness as a birth-control pill is given high regards, there are still Yasmin precautions that many women should be aware of and ask their doctors about. There are some side effects and complications that can affect the women taking Yasmin, along with the danger of Yasmin and its interaction with other drugs. It is always recommended to everyone considering taking Yasmin as their birth-control pill of choice to have a thorough talk with their doctor about their health history: other medications (natural or otherwise), past illnesses and health complications, etc. As Yasmin is an over-the-counter birth-control pill it can be easy to access however, it should not be taken without your doctor’s knowledge or consent.

Obviously, pregnant women should not take Yasmin, but those who have recently given birth should also avoid taking it. Women who have been through breast or uterine cancer, who are suffering from circulation complications, migraines, blood clotting disorders, and who are heavy smokers are not advised to take Yasmin, or any birth-control pill for that matter. This is because they can be put on an increased risk of circulatory and cardiovascular complications. Antibiotics can also affect women’s ability to effectively absorb Yasmin into the body, therefore it is best to ask for more information and other options from your doctor.

It is recommended to take Yasmin on a regular schedule. Following the instructions given by your doctor is always the best way to do it. Missing a dose can put a woman at risk of getting pregnant, thus it is always advisable to not miss a pill, or use other birth-control alternative such as condoms or spermicide to be sure.

Many women took Yasmin without these warnings and have suffered terrible, life-threatening side effects. This is why it is important to review your birth control options with a medical professional before starting treatment.

What You Need To Know About Filing a GranuFlo Lawsuit

Everyone in society has a duty to make sure that they do not cause undo harm to others, and this responsibility extends to those responsible for making medical products and devices. While many companies create and distribute products that are safe for use and that benefit the lives of users, this is not true for all. Unfortunately, dangerous medical products and devices are created every year that result in significant damage and suffering for the individuals who use these products.

Such is the case with GranuFlo, a medical product used in dialysis treatments. Dialysis is a medical procedures utilized by individuals whose kidneys are no longer able to purify their blood on their own. By using a medical product such as GranuFlo, individuals can rid their blood of impurities that they would otherwise not be able to remove from their bloodstream. While these products can be incredibly beneficial for individuals in certain situations, some medications can cause users serious pain and suffering as well as lasting damage.

In the case of GranuFlo, this has largely been attributed to the introduction of large amounts of bicarbonates into the blood stream. In some patients, this has resulted in significant pain and suffering, cardiac arrhythmia, heart attacks, stroke, and in some instances, even death.

When a person and their family suffers because of a dangerous medical device, the victims should not be the ones left shouldering the consequences. The company responsible for a dangerous medical product should provide compensation to victims, and many victims are able to achieve this sort of compensation by pursuing a lawsuit against the party responsible for the dangerous medical product.

By pursuing a GranuFlo malpractice lawsuit against the medical product’s makers, some individuals may be able to secure the compensation they need to pay for their related losses and secure the justice they are seeking after enduring needless pain and suffering.

Yasmin Side Effects

When a person decides to use a medication, it is with the understanding that it will be safe for their consumption. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Yasmin, the brand name for an oral contraceptive known as drospirenone, has in recent years been shown to pose serious health risks to those who use it. The effects that this can have on an individuals life are often devastating.

Yasmin users who experience adverse side effects as a result of their medication may experience serious consequences in their lives, ranging from costly medical care to reduced future earnings potential as a result of the conditions which they may develop. No one should have to carry the terrible burden of these consequences on their own as a result of a drug manufacturers own mistakes.

Common Yasmin Side Effects

There are a considerable number of different side effects which Yasmin users may experience, ranging from relatively mild to potentially life threatening. Some of the most common of these side effects include the following:

  • * Blood clots
  • * Heart attacks
  • * Tumors of the liver
  • * Strokes
  • * Deep vein thrombosis
  • * Brain hemorrhage
  • * Pulmonary embolism

All of these potential side effects can carry extremely serious consequences for the lives of those who may develop them. Aside from the physical trauma that they may have to contend with, the costs of medical treatment and possible lifestyle changes which may be necessary can be considerable. Fortunately, those who have developed a medical condition or experienced serious complications as a result of using Yasmin may be entitled to seek compensation for their damages through a Yasmin lawsuit. Contact a knowledgeable attorney today to discuss your case in detail and learn more about what your rights and options under the law may be.