Pit Bulls Not to be Outlawed, Says Obama

Sunny the puppy was in the limelight recently as the US president and family signals their opposition to dog breed specific legislation. Some people believe it is about time, too.

President Obama and his family introduced their pit bull puppy Sunny to emphasize their opposition to laws that restrict the ownership of certain breeds of dogs, pit bulls in particular. This was in response to an online petition calling for the outlawing of breed-specific laws on the federal level, and it is in line with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which does not support such legislation.

Aside from the CDC, other concerned organizations such as the American Bar Association throw doubts on the wisdom of such regulations, stating that it does more harm than good. At the very least, such laws are a waste of resources and will do nothing to improve public safety. CDC research show that pit bulls and other banned breeds are not overly represented in dog bite incidents.

This coming out by the US president is hailed as a major boost to the efforts of animal rights organizations such as the Washington Humane Society to prevent such laws from being passed and to overturn those that already exist. Some counties such as Prince George’s County in Maryland already have laws in place banning pit bulls as pets. Pit bulls are also not allowed in many military installations and housing.

Many advocates hope that Sunny the puppy will start the ball rolling against dog breed-specific laws and regulations, including those imposed on the military.

Common Construction Accidents

The construction and manufacturing industries all over the United States are fraught with inherent danger. Workers face perils every day that they knowingly accept. While certain dangers are inevitable on a construction site, accidents that occur because of someone elses negligent or reckless behaviors are problematic and give a worker cause to seek legal action. Workers who suffer from various construction accidents might be facing financial burdens, in addition to the physical injuries that they have to deal with. And if these injuries are the result of another persons behavior, such a situation can be even more frustrating.

Construction accidents take many different forms and can cause a huge variety of injuries. Sometimes these injuries are so serious that they necessitate immediate or ongoing medical attention, like broken bones, head trauma, blood loss, organ damage, or other injuries. Whatever kind of injury a person is facing after a construction accident, he or she has the right to know about potential action that might be taken to get helpful compensation for his or her situation.

Common Accidents

Many different construction accidents are reported every year in the U.S. Some common construction accidents involve:

  • Falling accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Collapsing cranes or scaffolding
  • Employer negligence
  • Explosions

These accidents can be very dangerous for any construction worker, and may even cause the injury of multiple workers. Living with a serious injury can be very difficult, especially if one is unable to pay for the costs of that injury. However, if another person, whether it was an employee or employer, caused an injury, that person might be legally responsible for it.

If you or someone you work with has been injured in a construction accident because of another persons negligence, you could qualify for monetary compensation. Getting in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal options can make a significant difference in your chances of making a successful claim against the person responsible for your injury.

Notification In Personal Injury Cases

If you were harmed in an accident caused by someone else and have decided to pursue legal action against those responsible, it is important that you notify anyone you may name in the suit of your intentions. It is not necessary to let these individuals know specific details about your accident or injuries, just that you may be planning to file a lawsuit against them. In order to do this, you should keep a few things in mind:

1.) Decide who you may name in the lawsuit In order to notify those you may take legal action against, you must first decide who you think is liable for the accident. This depends on the type of accident. In a car accident, all those involved in the collision should be notified. If one of those involved was working for someone at the time, you should probably notify their employer as well, because they may be partially liable.
2.) Write Your Notification Letters After deciding who needs to be notified, draft individual notification letters to each person. Keep the letters brief, and make sure they are typed. When writing your notification letters, don’t include details about your accident or injuries. In order to protect yourself, you should avoid making the letter a discussion. Rather, the letter should simply serve to let the individuals involved know that they may be facing legal action.
3.) Don’t wait too long If you are planning on taking legal action, it is important not to wait too long to let the people involved know. Keep in mind that just because you have notified someone of possible litigation, it does not mean you have to follow through. However, taking too long to notify can give the person or group an edge because they could potentially claim that your choice to wait made the notification an unfair surprise.

If you or a loved one is considering taking legal action for an injury, contact one of the many skilled personal injury lawyers available.

How Are Personal Injury Settlements Paid?

If a claimant is successful in suing for financial compensation after being injured, they may expect payment for the costs associated with their injuries. However, a defendant may be entitled to two payment options, depending on their ability or desire to pay in a particular way. These two options vary significantly and considerably affect how a person receives the compensation theyve won.

Structured Settlements

In most cases, a defendant will pay through what is known as a structured settlement. In paying this way, a defendant will be responsible for paying the full compensation amount over a fixed period of time. While this means that a claimant won’t have immediate access to their total compensation sum, they will receive regularly scheduled payments over a series of installments.

If both parties agree, defendants may use third-party groups to assume payment liabilities, ensuring regular payments when such liabilities could prove difficult to maintain.

Structured settlements are particularly popular if settlement amounts are high. As people or companies may be unable to financially deal with the immediate loss of thousands, if not millions, of dollars as the result of a lawsuit, the structured payment system is usually the best option.

Lump Sum

If a defendant doesn’t pay through a structured settlement, they’re expected to provide the full compensation amount at once. A lump sum payment is just that. A claimant will receive their entire compensation sum in a single payment, clearing the defendant of any further responsibility as per the agreement or court decision.

As many settlements for injuries cover expensive treatments or recovery needs, lump sum payments aren’t always popular for personal injury cases. However, smaller compensation sums or defendants with massive financial backing may prompt a lump sum payment.

Next Steps for a Compensation Claim

If you’ve sustained an injury and are looking for more explanations about what to expect with a compensation claim, a legal advisor may be able to help. For more information about how personal injury lawsuits work, contact a Wausau, Wisconsin personal injury lawyer today.

Knowing The Dangers Of Speeding

One of the most common types of personal injury lawsuit filed every year across the nation is an auto accident case. With over four million car accidents reported every year across the United States, thousands of these accidents were caused by at least one motorist driving over the speed limit. When a driver chooses to operate his or her vehicle over the speed limit, they are not only putting themselves in harms way, but they are also endangering the lives of every other motorist they came in contact with on the road.

Operating a motor vehicle can be a very dangerous activity. Speed limit signs exist for more than just an excuse for police officers to write tickets. They are there to keep motorists safe. When a car is traveling too fast, it decreases reaction time, and also increases the risk of making a potentially devastating mistake. You may be able to hold reckless drivers liable for their actions by filing a lawsuit if you were injured in an accident caused by speeding.

How Speeding Affects Safety

Many people speed because they are in a hurry or are running late. No appointment is more important than your safety. Speeding increases your risk of getting in an accident for a number of reasons such as:

  • Increases severity of the injuries in the event of a collision
  • Significantly reduces reaction time
  • Decreases amount of time a driver has to slow down and stop
  • Increases chance of losing control of the vehicle or rolling over, especially with wet roads

A number of car accidents could have been avoided if the driver was operating his or her vehicle at or below the speed limit. Unlike airplanes, who often have plenty of airspace to navigate and are able to stay separate by flying at different elevations (see more here), drivers on the roadway must share the road and work together to remain safe behind the wheel.

Brake Defects And Auto Accidents

Millions of Americans rely on motor vehicles for transportation, turning a blind eye to the high rate of auto accidents that occur every year. Although there are a variety of factors that can contribute to car accidents, an unfortunately common cause of these incidents is auto defects. One particularly dangerous issue that can affect vehicles is brake malfunction. If the braking system in a vehicle is flawed, a person may not be able to slow down or stop his or her vehicle in time to avoid devastating collisions. These motor vehicle accidents are capable of causing severe injuries and significant property damage, which could burden the victim with large medical bills and property repair costs.

Common Causes of Brake Malfunctions

Brakes consist of several key components, including a hydraulic system, pads, calipers, and more. The brake pedal regulates the pressure that brake fluid applies in the hydraulic lines, causing the calipers holding the brake pads to constrict or release. When any of these parts does not work correctly, the brakes can fail.

A few of the ways that a cars brake system might malfunction include:

  • Leaks in the brake fluid reservoir or hydraulic lines
  • Calipers are misaligned and fail to fully apply the brake pads to the rotor
  • Defective brake pads fail to provide enough friction to slow the car down sufficiently

If your accident was the result of a brake defect caused by improper design, manufacturing, or installation, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the party at fault.

Legal Options

If you have been injured in an accident caused by malfunctioning brakes, you may be able to hold the manufacturer or other associated party liable for your injuries and other losses. An experienced Appleton car accident attorney can help you determine what your best legal options are for pursuing the financial compensation that you may deserve.