Info On Serious Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

While you might not expect dog bites to be a serious threat, they can actually cause extreme damage and are more common than you might think. Thousands of people are injured every year because of dog bites, causing millions of dollars worth of damage and medical costs. Dog bite injuries can be minor, such as scratches and or small bruising, but they can also be severe, and it’s the severe injuries that often require the most serious and extensive medical treatment.

Dog owners have a legal responsibility to monitor the behavior of their pets. If a dog attacks another person, its owner might be held financially responsible for any costs that a person incurs because of the attack. These costs can be just a visit to the doctor, but, if necessary, might also encompass hospital visits or other medical treatment. Many people do not know their own legal rights when they are attacked by a dog, but it is important to keep oneself informed about legal possibilities if this ever happens to you or someone you know.

More Serious Injuries

While some dog attack injuries are relatively minor and can be attended to quickly and easily, others are more dangerous. Some serious injuries caused by dog bites include:

  • Broken bones / fractures
  • Head trauma / brain injuries
  • Loss of blood or consciousness
  • Bruising bones
  • Infection / rabies

All of these injuries could be potentially very damaging for a dog attack victim, and might force him or her to seek extensive medical treatment. This treatment is almost never cheap, and it might involve a person in debt and financial obligations that he or she cannot pay back.

If you or someone you know has been attacked by a dog and is suffering from his or her injuries, contact an experienced Champaign injury lawyer lawyer today to discuss your potential legal options.