Amputations And Construction Accidents

While not something commonly thought about or feared at the workplace, amputation is a very real possible injury that many Americans face. Many accidents across the country either cause an amputation or force the necessity of one, and this process can greatly disrupt a worker’s everyday life. For instance, any worker who must suffer the loss of a limb or extremity may be unable to return to his or her previous job. In many cases, this means that the worker is unable to earn a steady paycheck, thus potentially preventing him or her from financially providing for their family. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits exist for just such a situation. If an amputee had to lose his or her limb or extremity in relation to performing expected job duties, he or she may qualify to receive financial assistance in the form of workers’ compensation.

Because amputation often prevents a worker from performing the job he or she performed before an accident, workers’ compensation checks can be extremely helpful. Often taking the form of monthly checks, workers compensation benefits resemble a normal paycheck, albeit at a reduced pay, and provide injured workers with the ability to maintain financial stability despite an injury.

What Leads to Amputation?

Almost any job can put its workers in situations that might result in amputation, though amputation is most often seen in relation to construction or manufacturing positions. Many amputation cases are caused by:

– Mishandled or malfunctioning equipment
– Crush accidents
– Burn accidents / fires
– Vehicle accidents

Whether an amputation is caused by these or other work-related accidents, it’s important that workers are aware of their potential right to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a work accident and had to have a limb or extremity amputated, contact a qualified workers’ compensation attorney today to discuss your situation.